Our Approach

At Restore and Balance Wellness, we use an integrative approach to determining the root cause of disease.  Our dynamic team uses a multi-faceted approach to dive deep into the mind and body in order to find the source of your problems.  Once the culprit(s) is identified, we then formulate a comprehensive plan to restore you to optimum health.

Balance is the key to homeostasis.  We are serious about helping you find the balance that’s right for you.  No one is created the same, which means what works for someone else might not work so well for you.  Our team is committed to working with you and all your other medical practitioners in order to maximize your beneficial results.

The Story Behind the Movement

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I treat the “whole person” instead of strictly focusing on the symptoms.  Too often today, people are becoming increasingly frustrated with their healthcare, or lack thereof.  The mainstream medical system is not designed to care for the individual but rather has been developed in order to maintain disease state.  The conventional medical culture in this country is promoted as such that most individuals believe prescription drugs and surgery are the best and most effective course of action in the fight against illness and disease.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine examine the person as a whole, the past and present, health history, stress, diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle, and so on.  These data sets coupled with our comprehensive medical intake, examination, and diagnosis techniques, allow us to gain true insight into what is occurring within the body and mind.  When diagnosing and treating a patient, the outcome is always better when you find the root cause of symptoms, develop a treatment plan, and then treat the whole person rather than simply isolating and focusing on the symptoms.

As a former US Marine and Intelligence Officer of 13 years, I was highly skeptical of anything non-conventional when it came to healthcare.  I am a disabled Marine and for me, the biggest problem was that conventional medicine was completely ineffective.  In addition to not finding any relief or improvement in my conditions, I found that my quality of life, both mental and physical, was deteriorating rapidly.

2010 marked the turning point in my mindset as this was the year I very nearly died of systemic organ failure caused by a severely compromised GI system.  In 2013, my physical and psychological anguish was such that I quit my job as an Intelligence Subject Matter Expert and dove head first into an Oriental Medicine degree program.  This new career was a radical change for me and I had high hopes that I would not only find personal relief, but that I would be able to apply my skills to help others like me.  By the end of 2016, I had graduated with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine and was fully prepared to start my career helping those with debilitating diseases and suffering from chronic pain.

My constant search for answers to common ailments didn’t stop with graduation.  I have a chronically inquisitive mind and will be conducting research into and learning from other medical systems until the day I pass.

As a skeptic, I wasn’t sure how needles and herbs would be effective in combating pain, anxiety, depression, and many other disorders.  However, when I received my first treatments the pain decreased, my mood improved and that chronic, deep ache and burning in my epigastric/hypochondriac area melted away.

Knowing the effectiveness of this medicine and the countless adjunct therapies, we feel confident that others will benefit greatly from it and hope to reach a wider audience, including the suffering veteran communities and even active duty military members who only have narcotics and other toxic drugs as a recourse to treating anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, pain, and suffering.

Medicine used to be about doing no harm and truly caring for all your patients, not simply treating the symptoms and calling it a day.

At Restore and Balance Wellness, we are committed to helping you meet all of your health related needs.  We care about you and will dedicate ourselves to helping you find the balance you need to lead the healthy, happy life you’ve been longing for.

Meet the Team

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Tyson D. Le Monte

Founder & CEO


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Nadia B. Le Monte


Chief of Pharmaceutical Fusion Sciences (PharmD)

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